Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Visiting the Unforgotten at the St. Sabina Peace Rally

Why? What?
Initially I wanted to visit the Unforgotten memorial statues and see the artful homages being paid to the victims of senseless gun violence; after learning about the St. Sabina peace rally, I knew that this event might be my last chance to visit the Unforgotten.

Where? Who?
It was a 30+ minute drive to St. Sabina but a trip very much worth taking. Upon arrival, the first thing I saw was a beautifully diversified crowd of people coming together to promote unity and peacefully protest the senseless violence plaguing communities throughout Chicagoland. I’d asked a few people to attend the peace rally with me but no one wanted to go so, being on a mission to visit the Unforgotten, I went by myself. Initially I was nervous, maybe a little afraid, but the minute my eyes caught the memorial statues, the weight of my anxiety lifted, I put my camera strap around my neck, placed my tablet into its camera mount, connected the Bluetooth trigger and commenced to capturing images of: The Unforgotten, the crowd, the church, the surrounding area, the famous people (Spike Lee, John Cusack, Jennifer Hudson), everything and everyone around me, and it was AMAZING! I’m so glad I was in attendance because I left the rally with a renewed sense of hope, still believing that there can be brighter days ahead, understanding how much work it is going to take and the importance of adhering to one-step-at-a-time.

This project has been in cue since after the evening of June 19th, 2015, when I transferred 125 images from my camera’s SD card to my cloud drive. Being a committed, hard-working, Sole Proprietress that works 25 hours a day trying to build and establish a small Creative Services business, not much free-time is left for the pursuit of humanitarian, soul-stirring projects. In between the time this project went into cue and prior to its completion, I taught myself how to use 4 different photo editing programs and 10+ different design techniques in PowerPoint so, for me, it was worth the wait as I was able to apply they very best of my Photography and Presentation Design skills to this project.

I really did not have the time it took to complete this project but I have no regrets over taking the time to get it done, as Blair, Haydia, Porshé, Thomas, Terrell and Micheal had their time, violently taken away by the bullets that ended their lives.

Please, be good to yourselves & each other.

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