Saturday, April 26, 2014

Socializing And A Photo Session

It was opening day for Navy Pier Ferris Wheel rides and I was on my way to the Pier’s Festival Hall B for the Small Business Expo 2014.  

Along with my, well designed, 3inch trifold brochures, business cards, writing tablet and utensils, I, absentmindedly, packed my x500 camera, which is like an American Express card, I don’t leave home without it. Hauling my wheeled carrier behind me, I headed out for the Expo with an unrelenting intention to capture images and scenes around Navy Pier after the show.

The event was informative and offered opportunities to network with other small business owners, like-minded individuals and potential clients. While shaking hands, exchanging business cards and collecting brochures I, occasionally, glanced out of the lobby windows, allowing brief contemplation on how and where I was going to capture the scenic cityscape reflecting in the placid lake waters along the Navy Pier shoreline.

The Expo wrapped and I could not change into my walking shoes fast enough. I somehow managed to clap for the keynote speaker while getting the strap of my X500 camera around my neck and I’ll be honest, while he was, motivationally, speaking (quit well, I must add) I had already slipped out of my high-heels and was reaching for the walking shoes under my chair. When they hit the lights, I was not the first person out of the room, as there were a few new contacts I wanted to reconnect with and establish tentative follow-ups for, but I, most certainly, was not the last person out.

Unfortunately, there was messy construction all around Navy Pier, making most shots difficult and some impossible. 
I found myself standing on a giant flower pot, balancing on a park bench, leaning against guard rails and even on a flight of stairs from which a grounds-man told me to step down, as they were not open to the public. That was a serious “whoops” that he kindly accepted my apology for.

During my, makeshift photo shoot, my mind wandered to my new leads, data-entering their info into my contact management program and what was going to be said in the quick follow-up notes I’d be emailing to them. 

So, there was an exchange; while attending the Expo, I thought about capturing images, and during the photography session I mulled over the results of the Expo. Mentally, at different points, each activity held first and second position and I could not be more pleased that I was able to accomplish both. 

If you're feeling good, smile
If it's funny, laugh out loud
& believe that the light
at the end of the tunnel,
just might be you.

An enrichment project from the Earolyn Creative Services production house. 
**Don't hesitate, create.**