Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sitting on the Dock of the Lake

A little bit of calm, a healing dose of serenity and the welcomed quiet of a wintry afternoon was the tendered remedy along the Lakefront path at Montrose Harbor.  

 The crisp January air was renewing and the picturesque scenery offered a temporary escape from the stress and strife of everyday life. 

When there is so much work to do, it can be very difficult to push ones’ self away from the desk, but I believe it is paramount to briefly step away, as even a few relaxing moments can infuse one with new energy.  The further I walked, the less guilty I felt about taking a break.  I observed and reveled in the fact that the Chicago city skyline laid before me, serving as a majestic divider between the afternoon sky and the blue waters of Lake Michigan. #stunning #awesome #wonderfulworld

The gentleman that graciously posed for me added to the “deep-in-thought” imagery of the scene.  He looks out over the rippling waters, content with an outside view of the concrete jungle ahead. 

When viewing these captured images, I can’t help but to think of the classic Otis Redding song, “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay.”

If you're feeling good, smile
If it's funny, laugh out loud
& believe that the light
at the end of the tunnel,
just might be you.

An enrichment project from the Earolyn Creative Services production house. 
**Don't hesitate, create.**